Foot Orthotics Ortho-pods

Ortho-pods® are designed with a deep heel cup to cradle the foot, an arch engineered to provide support whilst avoiding arch irritation, heat moldable 3 comfort and support levels and a large range of sizes and accessories to cater for most foot types. Whether your feet over pronate, over supinate or simply require some neutral support, comfort or shock absorption Ortho-pods® will control function, correct posture and provide support and relief for your foot and lower limb pain.

The Key Features:

* Deep Heel Cup

* Extended Arch Profile

* Engineered arch cut out to reduce arch irritation

*4 degree medial wedge built in

A range of additions are available: Lateral Valgus Wedge, Medial Varus Forefoot Wedge, Heel lifts 4mm and 6mm,